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small and large quantities of standard 48x40 4way pallets



Pallet Repair / Reconditioning

Pallet RepairOur pallet reconditioning program is tailored to restore used standard Grade (A1), Grade (A) and Grade (B) 48x40 4way pallets back to their original Grocery Manufacture’s Association (GMA) specifications.

These pallets have a dimensional footprint of 48’’x40’’ – consisting of (3) notched 48’’ runners / stringers and (12) 40’’ boards making the top and bottom decks. The 4way designation allows the forklift to enter the pallet from all four sides.

Pallet-Diagram-40x48-4 way diagram

Grade (A1) and Grade (A) 48x40 4way:
These pallets are very similar in construction and are the two highest grades of reconditioned 48x40 4way pallet available. The runners/stringers have not been damaged – giving these pallets the Grade (A) designation. The only difference in construction between the (A1) and (A) pallets are the width of the top/bottom lead boards.

These pallets are excellent for racking systems and are favored by food and pharmaceutical companies.

Grade (B) 48x40 4way:
These reconditioned pallets are of lesser grade due to the damage of the runners/stringers. The runners are repaired using a support block or “plug” – giving these pallets the Grade (B) designation. See image below.

grade-b-palletsThese pallets are cheaper in cost and are typically used for one-way shipping.  

Large quantities are always kept in stock- ready to ship. We can also provide Block, and Heat Treated 48x40 4way pallets. 

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