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small and large quantities of standard 48x40 4way pallets



Custom Size Pallets

Remanufactured / Custom Size PalletsNeed something specifically built to palletize your product? We offer custom manufacturing and will work directly with you to meet your specific needs.

Our custom applications are built using all used components taken from other style / type pallets that are no longer in service – this method helps us to produce a quality pallet at the best possible price.

We can also incorporate New components into the production. This helps to meet orders quickly that are high volume and require consistent quality.

Regardless of which option you choose, the recycling of lumber material helps PETRO PALLET, LLC to be more environmentally friendly and provide an exceptional product to our clients.

We can also provide custom pallets built from all NEW lumber material at your request.

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custom pallet samples24x20 custom pallet samples

48 x 40 custom pallet samplescustom pallet samples