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Pallet Manufacturing (COMBO)


Heat TreatmentPETRO PALLET, LLC is a 48x40 (4way) manufacturer. We build Grade (A1) and (A) pallets using new and used pallet material. Producing combo 48x40 (4way) pallets allows us to produce and supplement our pallet inventory to meet our customer's ordering demands more efficiently.

These pallets are a blend of reconditioned / New wood material. These "Combo" pallets are a great cost-effective alternative for companies that ordinarily order pallets using ALL NEW wood.

This combination method is favored by bulk stores, food distributors, and pharmaceutical companies that need the pallet to be clean and aesthetically pleasing once their merchandise is palletized.

Our Grade (A1) Combos are built using 5 ½ inch wide lead boards (top and bottom) – These are excellent for warehouse racking systems.

Our combo pallets are guaranteed to pass any guidelines that our clients insist on. Call for details and a price quote.

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